Unique Minimalist Furniture Design You Know How Much

The minimalist furniture design field has never been lack the involvement of architects. The architect’s simple furniture also deeply reflects their architectural design concept, to some extent, the minimalist furniture design is a small building.When Miss van der Rowas designed the German Pavilion in Barcelona in 1929, Because Can’t find a satisfactory furniture matching, so that he designed the Barcelona Chair himself, which is now more well-known than the building itself. Modern architects such as Alvar Aalto and Zaha Hadid are also well-known in minimalist furniture design.

Unique Minimalist Furniture Design You Know How MuchUnique Minimalist Furniture Design You Know How Much

The architect’s tradition of designing minimalist furniture can be traced back to Bauhaus, a modernist design institute founded in 1919 that regards architecture as the dominant design, while minimalist furniture design, as a companion product of the building, is also valued by Bauhaus. Among Bauhaus’s many teachers and students, Hungarian architect Marcel Breuer is the most outstanding in the design of minimalist furniture, and his design philosophy in the field of architecture is consistent with that of minimalist furniture. Browhe is also a pioneer of modern minimalist furniture design, and it is his outstanding achievements in minimalist furniture design that make him one of the most influential design masters of the 20th century. In 1925, at the age of 23, Brauer designed the world-famous Wassily Chair, becoming the first designer to make a chair from a steel pipe. This chair is revolutionary in shape, material or form.

Unique Minimalist Furniture Design You Know How Much

Today, Bauhaus’s new color and minimalist furniture design style is in line with the contemporary aesthetic, in line with the current trend, it emphasizes the minimalist furniture design and decoration in a modern minimalist style, to maintain the circulation and volume of ambient colors. So how does the industrial wind, the Nordic wind and the Bauhaus wind mix? Clearly, there is no conflict between the three. Bauhaus focuses on the functionality of the design product, but also follows the natural law, its concept is the inevitable result of the modern simple furniture design process, and personalized customization and its extension is another new attempt to face people’s individual needs. Bauhaus style is usually reflected in the overall layout of the building, as well as in the choice of materials have a clear direction, so you can see the shadow of Bauhaus in the Nordic wind and industrial wind, it can be said that without Bauhaus there is no modern minimalist home decoration pattern.

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