The floor color with minimalist furniture matching Skills!

In today’s home decoration, people pursue the perfection of the details, including color matching, eyes, and the most intuitive feeling. Therefore, in the home environment, the color matching is especially important, and as the floor for large-scale use in the home, there are Does anyone know the detailed color of the floor? Or do you want to know the skill of the floor color with minimalist furniture matching?

The floor color with minimalist furniture  matching Skills!

First, the color of the floor is rich and colorful, we mainly divide into three categories to introduce to you:

  1. Light-colored floor. Light-colored floor usually means that the brightness of the color is relatively high, and the highest brightness is white. The home decoration style of this type of floor decoration is relatively small and fresh. The choice of light-colored floor home decoration, the overall look will be spacious and bright, it is recommended that the matching furniture should also be light-colored, such as white or wood-colored furniture, most suitable for rural style and modern minimalist style.
    2, medium-color floor. Medium-color floor, this color of the floor is more versatile, generally not wrong, but if you want to be outstanding, the medium-color floor is best matched with wood color or dark furniture. On the choice of home decoration, many consumers will first color the floor, it is also easier to clean and clean the white floor. Overall comfort is highest.
    3, dark floor. Dark floor generally has dark brown, brown, brown floor and other colors, it will bring people a telescopic visual effect in the color sense, so normal small and medium-sized units will not choose this color floor. It is a cool-colored floor, suitable for large-sized houses, it will give people a feeling of calm atmosphere, but remember that the overall furniture color should also be darker to match, it will be more harmonious.

Second, the floor color and minimalist furniture with tips

  1. Yellow and green. The floor with a yellow color is easy to give a comfortable and warm feeling. For example, beige is the floor color that most people like to use. The color of the wall can be set against the green color adjacent to the yellow. Can achieve a more warm home improvement effect.
    2, dark brown with beige. The deep brown floor above said, its color is darker, if the furniture is also dark, you must have a color to enhance the brightness of the space, but it is not recommended here, you can choose the same The color of the tea reaches the cashmere color, the colors of the two are relatively close, and the overall home decoration is fresh and elegant. The sense of space will look bigger.
    3, white with gray. White and gray are neutral colors, but also a versatile color, if you choose a white floor, the color of the wall must not be too heavy, otherwise it will give a top-heavy feeling, it is recommended that the wall color can be selected Gray-white, so the home is built with a sense of tranquility.
The floor color with minimalist furniture  matching Skills!

For the matching of floor color and minimalist furniture, I have shared it here today and I hope to help you. If you need to know more about minimalist furniture, minimalist furniture design, matching, decoration and other information, please continue to pay attention to us!

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