Porch Minimalist Furniture Design Skills

Many people will design a porch for their home when they are doing interior decoration. Although the area is small, the frequency of use is very high. It is a must for us to enter and leave the house. A beautiful porch can make The house has a sense of space and enhances the aesthetics of the overall decoration. So today, let’s take a look at the color usage techniques of the porch minimalist furniture design 500 and the design skills of the porch furniture.

Porch Minimalist Furniture Design Skills

First, the porch minimalist furniture design 500 color use skills

1.The entrance is the buffer area that enters the living room from the gate, and is generally based on a refreshing neutral warmer tone. Many people like to use white as the main color of the entrance. In fact, some lighter colors such as orange, green, and blue are added to the wall to distinguish it from the outdoor environment, and it can create a warm home. Whether the porch is selected by wood, wall tiles or stone, the color is not suitable for too much, so as not to increase the heavy feeling of the entrance. The ideal color combination is that the top ceiling is lighter in color, the bottom floor is darker in color, and the middle wall color is somewhere in between, which is a transition between the top and bottom.

2, try not to use too dark dark color, such as black, dark blue, deep purple, etc., because the position of the entrance is a place to see the first sight of a house, this place is easy to give people a mood if the color is low Repressive feeling, if you really like dark tone, choose a darker color, and add as many other bright colors as possible in the matching of the porch color.

Second, the porch minimalist furniture design skills

1.The more modern the furniture is, the more easily it is outdated. On the contrary, the cultural appeal of traditional furniture is enduring and preserved.

2, light-colored furniture is suitable for small rooms or north-facing rooms with poor lighting conditions. The rooms with better lighting can choose dark-colored furniture, which can show the simple and elegant atmosphere.

3, the elderly do not hurry to “fashion” to buy tall cabinets, although the high cabinet saves space, but climbing high to pick up things is not convenient.

4, newlywed youth to buy furniture not only to be novel, but also to consider the future life of the baby after birth. For example, a glass door mounted on a low cabinet is likely to be the target of a child’s attack.

5, pay attention to the environmental characteristics, there are factory chimneys, more dust, furniture style selection is simple and clear, otherwise cleaning work will cost you a lot of valuable time. Another example is that it is not advisable to use angled furniture in a damp room.

6.There is room for it. The floor space of furniture in the living room is 45%, and some places should be left with household appliances such as household appliances and coat racks.

7.The flat and fa├žade dimensions of the furniture should be consistent with the room area and height, so as to prevent the purchased furniture from falling in, or destroying the planned layout.

Porch Minimalist Furniture Design Skills

8, in addition to the entire set of furniture, but also to configure the dining table, dining chair, sofa, coffee table and other furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the color, style and specifications of the single piece of furniture in advance so as not to be difficult to match in the future.

The above is a small series on the design of the color of the porch design 500, porch minimalist furniture design skills in two aspects, many people want to use the space to put some furniture to provide more convenience, to give our family a sense of space, then the entrance is Good choice, I hope that the above can help everyone.


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