Must-see Minimalist Furniture Design Color Match

In the minimalist furniture design, color is an important element that can not be ignored. Do the process of color matching, as if to make up for the home, a careless use of color may ruin the whole space of the tone. And good at playing color people, the home is certainly rich in personality and temperament. If the color matching does not go mind, the whole home will have a sense of color violation, long-term residence will give people a feeling of discomfort. Visible minimalist furniture design color matching importance. The most basic color characters in minimalist furniture design have 4 kinds, distinguishing them well, is one of the basis of perfect space color.

Must-see Minimalist Furniture Design Color Match

Second, match the role. The minimalist furniture design with the character can be icing on the cake, can be a color, or a monochrome system, can also be composed of several colors of color groups. With the visual importance and volume of the character is inferior to the main character, often used to accompany the main character, so that the main character more prominent. Usually smaller furniture, such as short sofas, chairs, coffee tables, bedside tables, etc. Reasonable matching roles can make space dynamic and dynamic.

Four, dotted color. The embellishment of minimalist furniture design is mainly the matching elements that make the space vivid. Usually used to break the monotony of the overall effect, creating a vivid space atmosphere, so dotted colors mostchoose to choose bright colors.Choose a largespan, such as cushions, lighting, fabric plant flowers, ornaments and other items.

Three, the background color. The background color of the minimalist furniture design can play a dominant effect of the space and is an important role in determining the overall color matching impression of the space. Often refers to the interior walls, floors, ceiling, doors and windows and carpets and other large areas of interface color, they are indoor furnishings (furniture, jewelry, etc.) background color. minimalist furniture design background color is the first focus of home color matching, according to their favorite style, choose a different background color.

Must-see Minimalist Furniture Design Color Match

One, the main tone. The minimalist furniture design of the main color is mainly a medium-sized color block formed by large furniture or some large interior furnishings and decorative fabrics. It is the center color of the color matching, which is usually based on other colors. There are usually two options: to produce a vivid, vivid effect, choose a color that contrasts with the background color or character, and to coordinate as a whole, you should choose a similar hue or similar to the background color, the character or similar color

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