Minimalist Furniture Design Unique Chinese Traditional Study

Chinese red is so distinctive that it can’t be called Chinese style, but the large use of red will create a sense of oppression, causing anxiety and fatigue. So you can refine the red into a variety of small decorations, and carry out a minimalist furniture design, we may wish to start from the floor!

Minimalist Furniture Design Unique Chinese Traditional Study

In the minimalist furniture design of Chinese traditional style, there is always a carved figure. Whether it is a door or a window or a ceiling, the simple and exquisite carved pattern will always be dyed with a strong classical atmosphere. The carved patterns of doors, windows and ceilings are ever-changing, lifelike, soaring dragons, nirvana phoenixes, and blooming flowers.

The large floor-to-ceiling design brings a lot of vitality and vitality to the calm Chinese-style study. The wall-filled study background also highlights the owner’s extreme love for Chinese style. The classical Chinese-style minimalist furniture design chandeliers are clean and neat, and the bright light gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while the complex shades are preaching at the same time. A strong Chinese atmosphere. The ancient Chinese culture of enamel brought a lot of inspiration to the styling of lamps.

In the Chinese style, the small screen plays more than just the decoration. In many cases, it can also be used as a partition. The screen can be placed not only at the junction of the various spaces, but also as a door to separate the room into two separate spaces, so that the residents can not interfere with each other, each has a quiet atmosphere.

Minimalist Furniture Design Unique Chinese Traditional Study

The minimalist furniture decoration with traditional Chinese-style study, with neat lines, famous for its elegance and atmosphere. It has been loved by more and more people in recent years.

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