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What is minimalist furniture design and product standardization? The so-called standardization refers to the social practice of economy, technology, science and management, the repetitive things and concepts through the formulation, publication and implementation of standards, to achieve unity, in order to obtain the best order and social benefits of the activities. From the above content, the so-called standardization mainly includes: the formulation, release and implementation of standards, improve the applicability of products, processes and services, prevent trade barriers, to achieve technical cooperation. Therefore, standardization is recognized by all countries in the world as “an important basic discipline of engineering and technical science”. Whole wood home design and product standardization can be only a local individual unified regulations, can also be a comprehensive, systematic unified regulations, such as product standards related to raw materials, component standards, process equipment standards, supporting product standards, production process standards and other basic standards.

Do You Know What Minimalist Furniture Design And Product Standardization Is?

How to develop a minimalist furniture design standardized product program?

1, unification: the designer and the production operation of some scattered, relevant, repetitive, common characteristics of the product parts, structure, process, engraving, painting, etc. to organize and integrate, so that they reach a certain range of unity.

2, de-complicating: in the design and production operation of the redundant structure, nodes, varieties, specifications, models and other simplified, de-shoddy, simplified, so as to make the work more smooth, retain reasonable design and production methods and products.

3, interchangeability: in the pre-design process, as far as possible do not add the use of disposable elements and structures, as far as possible so that the size of various components, shape, model in the case of correlation close to the same, each other can be replaced.

4, the stereotypes: the required product category, model, style, etc. cured stereotypes, forming a complete product framework, do not arbitrarily change the cured product. People’s requirements for product modeling are often diversified, which is the reason for the contradiction between standardization and Personalized design, and thus makes the relationship between aesthetics and standardization become one of the difficult problems in contemporary technical aesthetics.

Do You Know What Minimalist Furniture Design And Product Standardization Is?

George Thomson, a famous British physicist, believes that nature is mass-produced, which is the most profound truth in scientific truth. In order to meet the needs of diversified society, modern design and production must be standardized at the same time, as far as possible to implement the principle of diversification, multi-level.This means that modern production should be a large-scale automated mass production of standard products with personality characteristics. Therefore, in the standardized principle, flexibility, variability, elasticity, scalability, development, composability and so on can not be considered.

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