How To Use Simple furniture matching solid wood floors

In the design of home decoration, the color of the wooden floor is very important, which determines the color of the entire room.minimalist furniture matching solid wood flooring is one of the most popular home decoration designs. Today, we will take you into the world of modernccc and solid wood floor color matching!

How To Use Simple furniture matching solid wood floors

Which floor is easier to clean? In general, wood floors with darker colors are best taken care of because the colors are too dark and it is not easy to see the ground even if it is dirty. On the contrary, if it is a light wooden floor, the ground is dirty and conspicuous, so if you need to choose a home, in order to clean, you can choose a dark floor.

Small size. The small unit is suitable for light colors with almost no pattern, preferably high gloss floors. Elegant colors and structures in the world of small and small units in exchange for unique expressiveness and lasting vitality. Orange, brownish gray and deep red are recommended.

Large flat layer. The sun is over 90 flat, you can choose to have a delicate pattern, bare wood knots or stripe stitching. If the color is darker, it has nothing to do with the “Da Tang Sheng Shi” floor of Guoze Building. It is both atmospheric and restrained, luxurious and not unassuming. The precipitation of history and the simplicity of nature make modern furniture present a unique humanistic feeling.

Foot line. One technique for connecting the footings is to use white footings instead of the same color as the floor, or even a minimalist furniture matching the door. The color is simple and generous, the quaint rhythm is pure, and the soul is relieved.

How To Use Simple furniture matching solid wood floors

The carefully designed modern minimalist furniture matching will have its own personality, allowing you to quietly talk to the soul in the quiet morning light and poetic dusk!

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